tappy is not the only project that can produce TAP output for Python. While tappy is a capable TAP producer and consumer, other projects might be a better fit for you. The following comparison lists some other Python TAP tools and lists some of the biggest differences compared to tappy.


pycotap is a good tool for when you want TAP output, but you don’t want extra dependencies. pycotap is a zero dependency TAP producer. It is so small that you could even embed it into your project. Check out the project homepage.


catapult is a TAP producer. catapult is also capable of producing TAP-Y and TAP-J which are YAML and JSON test streams that are inspired by TAP. You can find the catapult source on GitHub.


pytap13 is a TAP consumer for TAP version 13. It parses a TAP stream and produces test instances that can be inspected. pytap13’s homepage is on Bitbucket.


bayeux is a TAP producer that is designed to work with unittest and unittest2. bayeux is on GitLab..


taptaptap is a TAP producer with a procedural style similar to Perl. It also includes a TapWriter class as a TAP producer. Visit the taptaptap homepage.


unittest-tap-reporting is another zero dependency TAP producer. Check it out on GitHub.

If there are other relevant projects, please post an issue on GitHub so this comparison page can be updated accordingly.